Thursday, September 29, 2011

Football and Flowers

Wow! I haven't posted alll month.  My life has been crazy I guess!  I am still loving my student teaching!  The students remind me everyday why I chose this career and I am so excited to see the opportunities that await me.  I should start another blog with funny stuff they say.  The other day we were counting even numbers and under one of the boys breath (die hard Wildcat football fan)  I heard him say "2,4,6,8 Who do we appreciate? Wildcats! Wildcats!" I love them :) Another funny story - Today we had fruit-kabobs while we were getting a food presentation from the high schoolers.  Apparently one of our kids thought it was called a shish-ka"boob" :)

Ryan moved to pumper this month!  He started on the 19th and is absolutely loving it.  The move involved a company computer and truck. He is riding with someone that loves sports (OU, but we can forgive him) and they are hitting it off great! The promotion also brought him 30 days of work. Yes, 30 days STRAIGHT. No Saturdays off. No Sundays off.  This will be an adjustment for him and I but we can make it 30 days of seeing each other on Friday and Saturday evening. 

This month I went to the OSU game that was on Thursday night with Emelie.  I stayed at the old house and loved spending time with her!  She is such a phenomenal women and I am so glad I got the chance to live with her for a year.  What would I do without her today? I also ran into Jami, Tyler, Sierra and BC at the game! I got to sit with them for a quarter. So thankful to have all of them in my life.  Such a good stepbrother!

We also celebrated Kenzie's tenth birthday in Woodward! I can't believe she is that old but what a blessing she is in our lives!  It will be so fun watching her grow up and breaking those boys hearts!

A couple weekends ago we went to a wedding in Fairview.  It was a family friend of Ryan's who I have come to think of as my friend.  I have got the chance to go to Grand with them the past two summers and everyone was so welcoming and inviting that I couldn't ask to be in a better group of family friends.  I can't wait til I can be there the whole week to go shopping with all of the girls.  The wedding was absolutely beautiful!  Haley (the bride) surprised her groom by singing a song to him during the ceremony.  It definitely brought tears to my eyes.  She sang so wonderfully.  I told Ryan before the wedding that I would run away as they announced they were throwing the bouquet.  Dawn heard of this and immediately said NO WAY!  Well to my pleasure they announced that we would be sending off the bride and groom. I thought I was in the clear and grabbed a sparkler ready to send them off!  Well I was about 3 people deep in the crowd to wish the newlyweds a happy life forever, all while trying to keep this little boy from burning me with that sparkler of his when..... To my surprise Haley picked me out from the crowd and handed me, yes handed me the bouquet.  It was mine :) Now if only Ryan had caught the garter! 

We took family pictures this past weekend! Can't wait to share them with everyone.  With love, K

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