Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Paneling, Paneling, and some more..

Ryan just moved to Waynoka and we have had a wonderful time decorating and fixing the house up!  We got in the house almost 3 weeks ago and I feel like it is almost coming together.  We painted the kitchen/dining room and the room that Ryan would call his own.  We also tiled the kitchen/dining room.  It is looking pretty cool in our opinion.  We have really learned to compromise in the last couple weeks.  From picking out the tv stand, end table, paint colors and where to hang all of the different items - we are learning all about compromising.   Since moving out of Stillwater my furniture didn't have a home so it moved into extra rooms at his house.  For now I will show you before pictures - the finished project will come soon :)

 The view from the front door
 Guest bedroom
 Dining Room
 Front Porch

When shopping for items Ryan's mom sent us this message - "Learning the art of compromise = Love"
This was definitely something we needed to hear.  We definitely are learning the art of compromise.  With love, K

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Blogging - Difficulty Level: Beginner

Whoo! I am now officially a blogger - so excited to be able to share my life with everyone that wants to read about it.  In my first blog I should update you on why I chose this particular title.  Since meeting Ryan I have been thrown head first into the whole lake scene and I have completely become engulfed.   For all you non-lake goers the wake is - the wave created behind the boat which is used by a wakeboarder to jump off of or slide (according to the Wakeboarding glossary).  You see this is the safer part of wakeboarding and where you should stay to have a less likely chance of falling.  I think this is a direct correlation to our life.  Life is all about those who decide to stay safe in the "wake" and those that try to pull off tricks and venture outside.  We are choosing to be the people that live within the wake, as well as outside. As I think you need to have a little taste of both in order to live life to the fullest.  I hope my explanation is making sense to all of you as Ryan thought my name (which I have been thinking about for a lonnnnnnnngggg time) was too "deep".    Loves to all.