Sunday, August 28, 2011

School is cool.

Learning so much this semester! AND I am only two weeks in to it.  I am really excited to see what I will learn this semester.  I have become addicted to looking up different lesson ideas and different room decorations!  It occupies my time on Pinterest. (I will tell more about Pinterest later)   I am loving the people I have encountered this semester and know they will be there to help always!

Last night I emceed the Miss Waynoka pageant.  I was Little Miss Waynoka in 1993 - but did not run for Miss Waynoka.  In fact I was the ONLY girl in my class that didn't!  :)   I have loved that I have got the opportunity to do this. The girls are awesome to work with and being on stage with them makes me feel like a star.

Ryan is currently trying to get a promotion to a new job!  Let's pray he gets it.  This would mean a pay raise and a new truck - which would save him a ton of money!! I can think of a lot of different things he can purchase with that extra money :)  Please keep Ryan in your prayers as he goes through this stage.

Next weekend is OSU football and I couldn't be more excited for this to start.  LOVE my cowboys! and Go Sooners for those that want to hear that. ;)   I guess being preseason #1 is pretty awesome.

 One of the greatest ladies I know!  Karen Sharp I love you :)

 2 of my favorite kiddos!

 Love this boy!

Grandma and I
Aunt Amy and I

Love you all, K ;)

Sunday, August 14, 2011


This post shall be all abut my hometown.  Being home the WHOLE summer really reminded me of why I am so thankful for growing up in that small northwest Oklahoma town.  I am also thankful that Ryan now has a house there!  Northwest Oklahoma is where our family is and it is where we belong.  I loved loved loved spending 3 whole months at home.  Most of that time was spent with my brother and dad at home.  For those that don't know my dad hurt his back at the beginning of summer - which meant that he couldn't work and more time with us!  I loved it! The summer brought back my baseball boys, basketball camps, lake trips and bringing me back to my values.  The summer brought more time with my grandma coming up with new craft ideas, time with PaPa, time riding horses with dad, time at the pool and relaxation.  Waynoka brought me my summer.  I can honestly say that summer wouldn't have been the same anywhere else.  I love that I have the opportunity to drive an hour maximum and see the majority of both of our families! I am so thankful for this town and what all it has brought into my life.  Without it I wouldn't have learned the lessons that have been put in front of me! 

W - Wonderful
A - Adventure
Y - Youthful
N -Natural
O - Old - The history in the town is remarkable!
K - Kind
A -Authentic

Tomorrow I start school with 27 third graders!  I couldn't be more excited.  Keep me in your thoughts!  Love, K