Monday, July 18, 2011

Summer Lovin'

I haven't posted in a long time so I thought I should update on what is going on in the life.  I am currently taking a class at Northwestern that I will need in order to coach.  I am learning about different athletic injuries, how to tape ankles and pretty much anything I would need to know about sports.  Such as how you shouldn't play when lightning is around and the fact that you shouldn't move an athlete if they have a head injury. WHOO!  Thank goodness :)

Last weekend Ryan got a day off! Yes, a day off! We got to go to Grand Lake for 3 whole days!  It was awesome.  We got to rest, wakeboard, wake surf, ride the jet skis and see family.  It was exactly what we needed.  I feel like I gained 10 years of life as I am so sore from the fun. 

Tomorrow night is my baseball boys party.  We are going to have a swim party at my grandmas and cook out and just have a good time.  I have missed the 11 boys that I would see at least 3 days a week during the month of June so I am really excited.

We are still working on the house.  I am on the last of my "To Do" list and I don't know who is happier - Ryan or I.  He tells everyone that he comes home everyday to find something new on the wall (Totally not true).   I am also gearing up for the City Wide garage sale in Waynoka in September.  Between Grandmas, moms, Ryans I have so much to get ready! 

This weekend we are playing in a softball tournament in Waynoka.  This will be a fun weekend with a bunch of friends that hopefully doesn't become too stressful!  I will post the outcome later on.

With love, K

Friday, July 1, 2011

Winners go Up - Not down..

Well this past week was our baseball tournament and I am so proud of the boys.  For those that don't know my Papa and I coach the 11 and under baseball boys in my hometown.  I ended up with 11 boys that are all truly special in my life.  It is so awesome to see them at the first practice and watch them grow as an athlete and a young man.  From working with them in the batting cage, to practice and to games - I loved seeing them each and every time I could.  Yes, it involves a lot of time that is completely well worth it.  One thing that is tough is the fact that I am so competitive and I find myself pushing them hard at times.  But I know in the end my grandpa and I have the best intentions for them and just want them to be the men that we know they can be.  The boys ended up 7-4 (3 losses to Okeene - who won the tournament) receiving 3rd place in the league tournament.  

 With our trophies
 Huddle up!

 PaPa with the boys
 Kolten pitching

With the boys that move up next year

I would just like to thank everyone for the chance to do this!  The parents are awesome!  I have really enjoyed it the past two summers and hope to keep doing it! Thanks to my mom for putting up with me when I get way too into the game and for keeping the book awesomely! Thanks to my Papa who will forever be the greatest coach I ever had.  He has taught me so much in life and I know there is still way more to come.  Thanks to my dad, grandma, Aunt Amy, Kenzie, Uncle Brad and Ryan (Maverick too) for coming to the games and for supporting me!  With love, K
Winners go Up - Not Down, Rails on 3.. 1,2,3 RAILS!